TARGET Sell 140 prints.

The shop is closed
On Friday the 24th I will visit the Fine art print specialist to discuss all the details and finalise the order. In the week of 27 November I will receive all the prints and prep them for shipping. I will hopefully send them out on the first of December or the week after. 

I did not succeed in selling enough prints unfortunately... BUT I did sell 36 prints, whooop whoop! Thats a new record for me, even though this means I can't continue in December with chapter two of Around the world in 80 followers, it will not stop me. I am now aiming for starting chapter two at the end of January. Follow along, submit a couch to sleep on, suggest a place to visit, donate something or financially support me via Patreon. Anything is appreciated. 

Costs vs profit
The prints I sell are my way to crowd fund myself to Nepal and start chapter two there of AROUND THE WORLD IN 80 FOLLOWERS. With every print I sell, 15 euro will be paid for production of the prints and 14,95 is profit that will go directly into the jar making chapter two possible. 

I am aiming for Nepal or India, because it s one of the cheapest countries to travel in and making me last "long" on the money I collect, while visiting a follower. The mission changed a little bit, focussing more on culture, making me less reliant on interviewing my followers (which has been proven hard to accomplish so far). 

140 prints
Selling 140 prints will result in around 2090 euro, enabling me to survive a month and a half in Nepal including a single flight ticket. Around 400 euro for a single ticket and 30euro a day to make stories for you to follow.  

Prints to Crowd fund me there

Buy a print
In the main navigation on the website, you can find the print shop. Any question, or suggestion. Please do not hesitate to contact me via email.