CROWDFUNDING with Photo prints!

My photos prints are for sale from the first chapter of Around the world in 80 followers, for a limited amount of time and a limited amount of prints! Make sure to get a print before they run out. Some photos I haven't shown before yet and are in the final selection for possible prints. 

By the end of November I will oversee all the printing myself and make sure they arrive before Christmas! 


My first weird experience (Story)

During my complete trip up till now, I was once asked to move out by a host. When I arrived I did not really feel welcomed by a part of the family. I had the feeling the rest of the family was neither not up to date about my arrival or my project. The day after my arrival a lot of things were planned out for me, which was nice. However, as the first day after arrival passed by, I noticed that my host did not really take the rest of his family into account. Whom was not with us during the whole day. E.g. I asked him whether we had to be "home" at a certain time for dinner with the rest of the family and my host said: "I work, my partner takes care of everything around the house. So we can do whatever."

That evening I was politely asked by my host to move out the next morning. At that precise moment my host apparently had gotten a message from the family at home to ask for my removal of the house. I did not mind to leave the house since the tension in the house probably had gotten worse since my arrival, as I had the feeling I was not welcome from the beginning.