Switzerland photos

The photos I selected from the few days I spend in Switzerland. I wanted to see more, unfortunately I didn't have any other hosts around there and the country is very expensive. Perhaps it was meant to be. 


Both images were shot at Caumasee. A beautiful blue lake hidden in the forest next to the small town Flims. The lake was enlarged by humans, to create a reservoir. 


When hiking west from Laax, you will quickly see another town, Falera. Next to this town there is a small church that lies on top of a small hill in the middle of the valley. From where you have a great view all over the valley. I stood there to wait for sunset, unfortunately it began to rain and the sky turned purple without a sun. 


Hike up the Laax skiing resort and you will find all kinds of beauties. Make sure to plan it accordingly, because the lift to the top and back only goes within a certain timeframe, moreover if the weather is bad, it will not go at all.  


Once at the top, you will find your self in a playground for any age. From jumping rocks, to climbing, or just hiking.