We are all good people, we just need to know how we differ and are alike. I want to inspire and inform you about differences between and similarities amongst places, cultures and people, by travelling to and staying with different people across the world and sharing this through photos, videos and stories.


How do I do this?
I started the trip by asking my followers on Instagram, if I could sleep on their couch if I would travel the world (see initial announcement video). At that time 30 people responded and that was enough for me to kickstart this adventure. Europe was my initial testing ground, I started hitchhiking from follower to follower and slept on their couches for 50 days strait, I then flew to the United states. In the US I visited more followers, enabling me to travel for a month and a half more there. I love the momentum of not knowing of what is to come and capture everything with my cinematic photos and videos. 

"Life is pretty unusual, I live in other peoples homes, travel in other peoples cars, see the local culture up close and witness the most extraordinary places unplanned."

What you can do
Help me go around the world by providing a sleeping spot, by spreading the word to help me reach a wider audience and therefore perhaps get more places to sleep around the world and experience more extraordinary culture with adventures with my followers. Or financially support my Around the world in 80 followers project via Patreon, to help me fight discrimination between countries, cultures and people. 

As a thank you for the host(s)
In return, I will give you a photo print of one of the photos I took while staying with you. Moreover I can give some photography lessons or help you with photography related subjects.

My location 

Since I am on the move at all times, this can inform you where I am and perhaps help you to suggest stuff or offer me a couch to sleep on. Shoot me an email or fill in the form down here.  

Current location

Delft, The Netherlands




Ronny Wenzel


"I didn‘t know Tom before his project. I still has followed him on Instagram because i was fascinated by his pictures and about the setting of these on Instagram (three in a line to create a panorama). As I took note about his journey I offered him our home to stay, not knowing how it will run. I said to my girlfriend „look at his pictures and the vlogs on YouTube - he will be a friendly person“. Of course we were a bit skeptical to host a foreign person. Before he arrived we agreed when my girlfriend and I were at work he should be out of the flat and that was no problem for Tom. One day after his arrival (on a Sunday) we had a great day all together and changed our plan: Tom was allowed to stay alone at our place and got a key to plan his days how he wants. We trusted him very quick. He is a very polite and friendly person. He stayed for five nights, we had a great time and he teached me to improve my photography skills. After I took him to his next hitch-hike-spot I wrote him that it feels like leaving a friend. We are still in contact and we are really looking forward to meet him again - hopefully."

Juan Diaz 

Colombia / Austria

"Tom stayed with me for two days in Vienna, city where I studied and work, and was very cool to learn new photography and video editing tricks from Tom´s expertise. 
We went with a Model friend on a photo and video session through Vienna´s amazing architecure. We explored themes and compositions.

Would like to work on future projects with him and not to mention, broke some records on Pizza eating ;)"

Jason Millenaar


"Tom is a guy exactly like you would expect if you have followed his journey: Independent, adventurous, social and open-minded. I known Tom for a long time, and for me it was a no brainer whether to have him on my couch for a few days. 
As a host, if you have things to do he will go out and explore without getting in your way whatsoever, but he's more than happy to check out any suggestions you might have to do and see together (and take awesome pictures along the way). More than anything, he's just great company!"



This is the spot where my hosts can tell something about their experience while hosting me.